English College Questions:

Question: What is an English College?

Answer: English College is an institution that offers English classes for students who speak English as a second language. English classes can be offered to beginner as well as intermediate students.

Question: How many different levels of English classes are offered at English Colleges?

Answer: Generally, there are six levels of classes, starting from the beginner level, for students who possess lower writing, reading or listening skills. Intermediate and advances classes focus more on essay writing and advanced conversations. Please click here to inquire about the different levels of studies.

Question: Do I need to enroll in an English College?

Answer: Yes, for two reasons:

1. All academic universities require basic English language skills. Therefore. students need to enroll in English Colleges to be able to improve their language.

2. English Colleges also offer English Test preparation classes, such as IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses. Most universities require scores in these tests, and therefore students need to attend English Colleges to prepare for IELTS and TOEFL tests.

Question: How do you apply to English Colleges?

Answer: You may apply to any English College in your area online. However, to increase your chances of admission, and to make sure you enroll in the appropriate classes, we recommend that you consult with an academic consulting agency before applying. M&A Consulting Services offers complete application package to all North American English colleges at competitive prices. Click here to apply now.

Question: How long does the application process take to English Colleges

Answer: If all required documents submitted, the process may take no longer than 1 week to receive an admission.

Question: What are the application requirements for English Colleges?

Answer: Most English Colleges required a copy of the student’s passport page, and a completed application form. If you have completed English classes at other schools, you may be required to submit your transcripts.

Question: When do classes start at English Colleges?

Answer: Most English Colleges offer classes around the year so you may be able to apply at anytime.

University Application Questions:

Question: How do you apply to Universities in North America?

Answer: The process of applying to universities has multiples stages. First, you send your completed applications form, and all required documents. The university then need around 3-6 weeks to review your credentials and inform you of their decisions. Once you are admitted, you may be able to register for homestay and courses. You also get your VISA (F1) to be able to stay in the United States of example.

Question: When can you apply to Universities?

Answer: University studies are offered in three semesters in most universities. Fall semester, starting in September. Spring semester starting in January. Summer semester starting in May. You have you to apply 2-3 months before the start of any semester to be considered for admission.

Question: What is the university admission decision based on?

Answer: University admission decision is based on the following factors:

1. Student academics record (i.e. high school and university transcripts)

2. English language skills, given by English Language score such as IELTS or TOEFL

3. Some universities look for experience of the student before coming to university

4. Statement of Purpose and Resume is also required when applying to graduate studies

Writing CV and SoP Questions:

Question: What is a CV?

Answer: CV is a document that outlines the academic and professional experience and record. There are two kinds of CVs: Student CV and Professional CV. A student CV contains the student’s academic record such as completed education. A Professional CV has more details. It contains the academic as well as professional experiences. It also highlights in detail all skills possess and other accomplishments.

Question: What is an SoP?

Answer: SoP stands of Statement of Purpose. It is a document that universities require usually when a student applies to graduate studies. The SoP document should outline the student’s academic record, epinephrine, relevant academic and professional work, as well as the reason they choose to study in a particular university.

Question: Does M&A offer CV and SoP Services?

Answer: Yes. Check our services page.