We are proud of what our customers say about us!

Our company has worked with M&A consultants over the last three years on various projects including market research, survey and presentation development. We were very happy with their fast response and flexibility to adjust to our corporate needs.

Ameera Fayez, VP Marketing / Al-Nour Media Solutions

M&A offered me a great statement of purpose service and helped me obtained my admission for PhD studies in English in Canada. I definitely recommend their statement of purpose services. They also offered great proofreading services.

Mohammed Alzahrani, Engineering PhD Candidate

I have applied to English College with M&A. They were very kind to me and helpful from the very beginning. M&A employees helped me find the appropriate college and apply to it. They also helped me selection courses to study English and other classes to prepare for university studies later. I am very happy to work with M&A and definitely recommend them for all students.

Fatima Al-ghamdi

I met one of M&A employees randomly in Canada at a Saudi gathering. I was very lucky to know about theis services. M&A wrote a CV for me and applied to 3 universities. Their service was cheap and good. They are very accessible

Mohammed Al-shammari